Julie Ashworth Glover, JD, CIPP/US, CIPM


Julie Glover is Founder and Principal of 6 Degrees Privacy Consulting, LLC. Her firm provides proactive, business-focused privacy consulting services to organizations in the technology, healthcare and other corporate sectors. Glover is a former privacy, employment and business attorney with an additional 15+ years’ corporate (technology sector) and independent business experience in privacy and business (tech and healthcare sectors). She understands the challenging business, compliance and reputational issues, as well as the market drivers affecting today’s organizations. As a result, Glover focuses on ensuring her clients’ desired privacy posture as a means to building brand reputation, global and sectoral privacy compliance, customer trust and increased profits.

Glover holds a BA, Summa Cum Laude, from Denison University and a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law.



Special areas of expertise include:

Privacy Risk Assessments

Customer and/or HR data; privacy impact assessments (“PIAs”) by product or system, including findings, gaps and recommended remediation.

Privacy Office Consulting

Strategic program creation and prioritization, interim CPO coverage, policies, business processes and training.

Vendor Management Programs

Privacy compliance, including contract reviews.

Privacy-by-Design (PbD)

Assess and mitigate privacy impacts during product design, development and engineering phases.


Privacy risk + gap assessments, including policy, procedure, and program development.

Privacy Program Creation

Policies, practices and training based on chosen privacy framework, organizational culture and applicable regulations.

GDPR and EU Data Transfer Solutions

EU privacy regulation compliance, including data flow discovery, risk analysis, policies, data transfer and training.

Privacy Policies

Creation, implementation and training.

Speaking Engagements

Current privacy developments and real-life stories.