Small, large, private, public, healthcare, corporate, educational…all sizes and types of organizations rely on brand image.  A positive brand image builds a strong business reputation, and is supported by the gift of customer, patient, vendor and business partner TRUST.  Respecting the PRIVACY of personal information organizations collect, use, maintain and share is a competitive advantage, and doubles as proactive risk mitigation.  Most importantly, it will build stronger TRUST in the organization, its brand, reputation, products and services.

Thank you for visiting our site!  We are ready to earn your TRUST in our customer focus, expertise, creativity and practical privacy consulting services.  We listen carefully to your needs and concerns to customize a privacy (or social media) program, risk assessment, process improvement, policy or training that will address your organization’s unique issues.  Scroll down to learn more, and we hope to hear from you soon!


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Why 6º ?


Privacy risk assessment, program creation and ongoing management are complex given the myriad industry-specific (i.e., healthcare, financial, educational) regulations in the U.S., not to mention global laws affecting multinational entities.  Organizations must choose a privacy professional they can TRUST to elevate their BRAND AND PRIVACY COMPLIANCE, based on education, certification, experience + solid business results.

Our principal consultant, Julie Ashworth Glover, JD, CIPP/US, provides customized Privacy and Social Media Consulting services based upon your organization’s specific needs, including:

  • Privacy Policy creation, implementation + training
  • Social Media Use best practices, policies + training
  • Contract Negotiations: business associate and vendor agreements
  • Compliance Consulting: U.S. healthcare/education/financial sector regulations (i.e., HIPAA/HITECH), FTC and U.S. state requirements
  • Privacy By Design product development analysis + recommendations
  • Privacy Risk Assessment, including internal policy compliance and business practices
  • Business Process Analysis, improvement and communication planning
  • Comprehensive Privacy Program Creation and Management

A sample of Ms. Glover ‘s proven skills and business accomplishments:

  • Created first Global Worker Data Privacy Policy, training and implementation plan for large global high tech company;
  • Analyzed worker data collection, use, notification and storage processes for global high tech company; collaborated with business units to implement and communicate privacy-compliant solutions;
  • Conducted Privacy by Design analyses for technical product development;
  • Designed and implemented Social Media Use Leader Toolkit for organizational training;
  • Negotiated vendor agreements related to privacy compliance issues;
  • Led global teams to create new privacy and legal policies, business processes, communication strategies and training;
  • Consistently recognized and awarded for leadership and team collaboration skills, customer focus, objectivity, flexibility, creativity and quality results.

6 Degrees Privacy Consulting will earn your organization’s TRUST by providing honest, skilled and effective privacy and social media consulting services to increase your organization’s BRAND REPUTATION, PRIVACY COMPLIANCE and CLIENT TRUST.  Contact us! We look forward to learning more about your business’ unique needs, concerns and questions.

Capabilities + Bio


Julie A. Glover6 Degrees Privacy Consulting comes prepared to tackle any organization’s privacy and social media business challenges.  Julie Glover is a former attorney and in-house corporate counsel, now a certified privacy professional (CIPP/US, Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States).  She is a collaborative and practical problem solver, leader and trusted business consultant.  Her strong credentials and diverse experiences make 6 Degrees Privacy Consulting the right choice to build your organization’s BRAND REPUTATION, CLIENT TRUST, AND PRIVACY COMPLIANCE.

Julie Ashworth Glover, JD, CIPP/US**

  • JD, University of Virginia School of Law
  • BA, Denison University, Summa Cum Laude
  • CIPP/US (Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States)


  • 25+ years combined business, consulting and legal practice in privacy, business litigation, human resources and employment law, including:
    • 14 years combined corporate experience as privacy manager, in-house legal counsel and employee relations/HR/international organizational development professional
    • Independent consultant for small and large business clients
    • 10 years private legal practice in business and employment law

(**Note that 6 Degrees Privacy Consulting does not provide legal advice,
but will partner with an organization’s legal counsel as requested.)

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